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Thread: Discordia is completely unfair in Arena!

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    Discordia is completely unfair in Arena!

    There is absolutely no outplay potential in the Arena with Discordia being in the pool. I drafted as Odin and went 4-3. My highest record being 12-2 pre Chaos in Rome. All 3 of my losses as Odin were to Discordia! Depending on if you go first or not, your mana curve, tempo etc, the only way to even stand a CHANCE against the RISK of your opponent having Discordia is to drop your hand ASAP, which gives a lot of risk to AOE board wipe and your opponent having an advantage of being able to not necessarily "counter" play you, but it gives them far easier cut and dry decision making on trades etc. IMHO, it's total BS. Any good player is going to hold their hand, only playing what they need to , in precise reaction to the board state to gain tempo advantage and not risk overextending. Discordia throws this out the window entirely, making it beyond difficult to play the game strategically like it should be played. My best idea as to how to fix this, since we obviously can't just remove the card from the game, is to increase her health, and give her "Afterlife:Return your freaking hand to its original owner!" We do need to keep in mind I'm talking about the Arena, I don't play a lot of constructed, only to complete quests for favor to do MOOOOOORRREE AREEENNNAA #addicted.

    Thoughts anyone!?
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