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    Shackle - bellona

    So i just used shackle on a tusky/ pillar of patience then used my hero power to move away the pillar. The pillar and tusky received 0 damage and the shackle was removed

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    We will take a look at this, thanks for the report. Will follow up if additional information is needed.

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    Upon attempting to reproduce this, the effect worked as intended. Did you happen to get a picture of the board state at the time or notice any other effects on the board that could have affected this?

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    I had a bacchus on the board that was currently stunned by the tusky. The pillar had been brought forwards to the front of the stone a turn earlier and I moved it forwards and up to the outside of the field (the tiles that are rarely used).
    There were no other effects on board
    unfortunately i didn't think to screeny, apologies

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    No worries! Please let us know if you experience this again, as it sounds like the effect of Shackle should have been activated.

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