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    Wow seriously?

    Hindu is already one of the bottom tier factions after you destroyed their hero power. Now you are going to destroy their entire faction mechanic? This coupled with the loss of a casual mode is just poor form and shows a lack of serious understanding.

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    Hey Dallaen,

    From the Patch Notes:

    "With the full release of Hand of the Gods, balance will continue to be monitored and adjusted as needed over the next few weeks as we evaluate Pantheon performances. The Hindu pantheon will also be receiving an adjustment to one of their core mechanics, Reincarnate."

    We are aware of the change to the Reincarnate Mechanic would have on the Hindu Pantheon and will make balance adjustments to cards within the Pantheon to make sure that the Pantheon is fun to play and performs well.

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    I'm waiting to see the famous card rebalancing of the Hindu pantheon you're talking about ... but as it stands, Ganesh is really dead twice

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    You fundamentally changed how the Pantheon plays though. It's not anything like it was before with changes like that. The faction will be completely reliant on card draw to utilize what makes it special from other Pantheons. Meanwhile other pantheons have their uniqueness without needing a secondary effect to make it work. What exactly was the issue with cards coming back into the hand? It's not super powerful and allows opponents the ability to play around cards if they know they are in their hand already. If it's the power level adjust stats on cards or possibly tweak effects.

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    By the way, your argument "...making these cards much easier to deal with while also adding value to cards that discover cards in your deck." sounds for me like this "to satisfy the whinning players and to justify the use of the new card designed for the leader by our devs". Change the reincarnation mechanism just to highlight three cards ("Equalize", "Prescience" and the latest created "Insight")... why not... we will see.

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    By the way... again, it's nice to change the mechanism of reincarnation but perhaps we should think to change Echo Blast, right? Because paying three mana to do 1 point of damage after the card is reincarnated (drawpile, hand), it's not very fair compared to other pantheons who can do the same for one mana less. What's the justification this time, Ganesha is really too powerful?

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