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Thread: F6 concedes with out any prompt!

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    F6 concedes with out any prompt!

    Hello! Apparently F6 key on PC concedes a match with out any prompt. My cat walked on my keyboard during an arena match and helped me lose by pressing F6. I was 9-1 as Odin too
    It's not a bad thing to have a keybind to concede I suppose, so you don't have to go to the ESC menu, but a prompt such as "Are you sure you want to concede?" or at least, don't make the keybind default.

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    Hey EightyTwoPercent, there actually are a number of commands that can be accessed by keyboard within the game, but these are, in part, remnants of features that existed in the past. For instance, V allows you to access the emote menu, and 2 allows you to use your Leader Ability. F6 is a feature shared with SMITE, as F6 is the Concede button in that game as well; this button is far enough out of the way to where it normally shouldn't be discovered by accident, but I do apologize for the inconvenience. Hard to account for pets on keyboards.

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    Thanks for the reply! I did not know 2 was a keybind to use Leader Ability, will put it to use.

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