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    Some observations

    Hello ! I see some little feedback problems, and I make a board with all my observations.
    I tell some feedback about the main menu (quit game), the open packs, the deck and the searching for match.

    I made other little observations, in the gameplay feedback.

    I hope these observations will be useful. Good reading, it's not very long

    Miscellaneous Feedback - Hand of the Gods-1.jpg
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    Excuse me but the screen resolution is not very good, so I tell my observations with sentences.

    In the main menu, it is not possible to quit the game. I can't do something else than ALT + F4. So it is useful to add a "Quit" button.

    In the open packs, even when we don't have open packs, we have the impression that we possess them. It is frustrating to press unless nothing happens. It can be good to color in grey the packs (or a little case) which we don't possess.

    In the deck, we can't estimate the cost of our deck. When we create a deck, we want to balance it. We want to see the average cost of the deck. It can be good to add a number which indicates the average cost of the deck.
    There is no feedback when we put or remove a card of our deck. I think it can be good to add a sound when we put or remove a card of our deck.

    When we play with a friend, we are obliged to wait 15-30 seconds in front of the screen "Searching For Match" while the players are already there. I hope it is possible to improve the connexion, the fight loading.

    Thanks for the reading

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    Hey Itace, thanks for the message.

    1. You can also press Escape to exit the game, rather than Alt+F4.

    2. The number of packs you currently own can be seen under the Core/Bonus/Cosmetic/Gold Pack (it will appear as "x#"). A number is also shown on the main menu next to "Open Packs" to indicate how many you currently have available to open.

    3. The total number of cards within your deck can be seen at the top of your deck list when crafting a deck. While the feature isn't available in-game, you can use resources such as Hand of the Gods Top Decks for visualizing mana cost.

    4. This time is used to establish the instance and contact the servers to set up the Match. We apologize that it takes a few seconds, but there's no way to get around this one!

    We appreciate all of these comments and I will bring them up to the team, but we have made some attempt to address many of these concerns already.

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    OK, thank you for these informations. However I afford to insist on some points.

    Press escape to quit the game is logical in-game, but is not instinctive in a menu. Add a button “Quit” below “Quest log” allows the players to understand immediately and is more instinctive.

    As regards feedback sound when we were put or remove a card, what think you of it ? It could make the creation of deck a little more alive and less austere.

    Now I understand servers functioning, but why not to have called it "Searching for match" instead of " Searching for server " ? It is a small detail but by reading that, we tend to think that is a big problem of connection.

    I insist on these points because I am a game designer and a player who wants that this game become better and not just a good game. It is small details for some, but these details allow to make the most pleasant game experience for players.

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