Hello, I've only just recently decided to return to Hand of the Gods after a long hiatus. My previous concerns about being able to play at a competitive level without breaking the bank or spending 8 hours a day gathering and converted gold has been addressed with the new pantheon bundles, so I'm once more able to spend some time playing.

That aside, I have some concerns regarding Ganesh, now that I've been able to unlock the full sets of every pantheon and spent a few weeks experimenting with different decks. At present, Ganesh lacks the power and cohesion of other pantheons in addition to his smaller card pool.

Ganesh has a god power that creates a minor healing obstacle that vanishes at the end of the round, delivering less effective healing than Ra's line based ability. This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that the rest of Ganesh's cards are not built around strategies designed around this kind of ability, all death or heal trigger effects he can use are from the neutral pantheon unlike Ra.

The majority of Ganesh's cards instead focus around a grab bag of control oriented effects with no offensive power. Attack lowering structures, spell negation/duplication, movement reduction, card searching, and control swapping. The only real non-legendary offensive cards he has are Agni and Bakasura, both of which are easy targets for removal. You could make a case for Pillar of Creation, but it's slower, more expensive, and clumsier than Odin Hunter type builds.

Having faced Ganesh several times since my return, I can't really recall losing to him, nor do I recall winning more than a quarter of my games playing as him. My success rate with every single other pantheon has been much higher, and their decks feel much easier to build as well.

If the goal is to make all seven pantheons feel equally valid to new players, Ganesh needs to have a narrower scope than "Structures and control effects" with valid win conditions that don't require copying cards from better decks or relying completely on the neutral pantheon to secure a win.